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    Question enclosures for mids/wiring questions??????

    I recently bought 2 pair of MM645s because I have a lot of money to blow :) they are not installed yet so I just have to ask...
    What gauge wire comes with the speakers? I'm sure its been "scientifically tested" for optimal quality and all that rot, but I'd just like to know the AWG for the record.
    Second and more critically, what size boxes would you recommend for the midranges? The speakers are going in a Scirocco, which features wonderful 4x6" holes... I cut holes in the back deck, but I'm afraid they won't sound good free-air since I took the back seat out. Not to mention there's no way in hell they are fitting in the front door.
    So here's what I did: bought some 1/4" plywood from Home depot and built some boxes 9x9x4". I've covered both sides of all the wood with Dynamat Xtreme, but I was second guessing myself recently. Is there an optimal size box for these? Will the ones I made work well? I'm planning on covering them with commercial carpet inside and out when I get some, good idea or bad? I just want really good sound!!!!! if anyone can help me

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    You might want to look at the option of constructing custom kick panels. This will greatly enhance the front stage and improve
    the imaging. The second option would be to construct a "Build-out" and attch it to the door panel. You can shape the build-out
    to match the contour of the door and finish it in colored vinyl to match the interior of the vehicle. MDF, body filler, screws, sand paper and saw dust all play an important part of this construction phase.
    The boxes that you have made have an interior volume of .1875
    assuming that these measurements are for the internal measurements. The MM465 drivers will work in this volume,
    however, this will sacrifice the low bass and upper midbass performance. If you plan on adding a sub and cross it over at 80 to 90 Hertz, then this will not be a problem. I would suggest build a sealed box that has a internal volume of .15 to .25 cubic feet for these speakers. Your boxes will be fine for this application.
    The only thing that I would suggest to "upgrade" the enclosures is to use a 3/4 inch MDF for the box building material. This will improve their performance greatly!! Make sure to seal all interior
    seams with a silicone caulking and allow 40 hours of playing music at a reasonable level to let the drivers suspension
    "Break-In". I would recommend driving these syetms with a amplifier that has a power rating of 100 to 150 Watts per channel

    Happy Installing!!
    Kim, Polk Audio

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