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    Default In-door applications

    I realize that car doors don't have very good accoutical qualities as speaker encloserures. However, what can one do to improve the performance of door mounted 6510's in a 93' nissan truck. Is there anyway to tune the encloser other then preventing rattling door parts. Such as spraying undercoating inside the doors to increase their density a little bit perhaps or adding a tune port or ?

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    Enclosing the 6510's will only hinder their bass and midbass performance. These drivers are designed to be used and installed
    in a "Free-Air" application such as the doors, rear deck, etc. The biggest problem with trying to install an enclosure inside the door
    is clearing all of the internal mechanisms and wiring harnesses.
    If you really wanted to, you could install them in a .15 to .2
    cubic feet sealed enclosure. This will bring up the midrange, but will decrease the level of bass and mid-bass information. Plus you have the "FUN" of trying to attach the custom enclosure onto
    the door. I would suggest using a "Rubberized Undercoating"
    to tame the resonances of the interior inside the door, and then use a "Dynamat" or Cascade Audio" dampening material and apply a layer to the external front part of the door and then apply a second layer to the back of the door panel. This will deaden it up !! If you want to really tame the noise down, then do the entire vehicle. Remove the seats and apply it to the floors.
    Then work on the trunk, rear deck, and under the hood.

    Happy Dampening!!
    Kim, Polk Audio

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