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    Default HT on Discovery Channel

    Don't know if you guys in the US get Discovery from Canada but I'm sure it's played everywhere in Canada. It was in 'Daily Planet'. It was on at 7pm and will be repeated at 11pm. Tonight was all about speakers, positioning and explanations of pro-logic, DD 5.1, 5.1EX. Very nice equipments were used. Paradigm towers, TOTL Denon receiver (Don't know why they didn't get a real pre/pro), a Bryston amp for each channel and a large projection screen.

    Even though the equipments were very good, the set up was far from ideal. It was pretty much set up to pleaase women. The installer sounded like your usual snake oil salesman when he was talking about subwoofer placement. He said something like this: "It can go anywhere in the room because we don't hear deep bass, wee feel it". BS!!! If I couldn't hear but only feel my PSW650, I wouldn't spend a penny on it.

    Anyway, tomorrow they will have a special on projectors, screens and high def.

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    Sounds like a cool show. I get about 10 discovery channels, but Discovery Canada is not one of them. Bummer.
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