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Thread: REM Terminals

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    Question REM Terminals

    Hi everyone! I recently purchased a new amplifier for my car, and everything is great, except for one small detail. The Remote turn on cable that i wired is simply just a wire, with nothing on either end. That's fine for hooking it up to the amp, as it has a terminal for a bare wire connection. But on the back of the deck, it is a little blue jack that looks similar to an 1/8" standard headphone jack. Is this what i need? or something a little bit different. The deck is a Sony CDX-MP40.
    thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer


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    Also, just another quick question. I'm using the Rockford Fosgate P3001 amplifier, which is a MONO amp. The amp still has two RCA inputs, which makes sense, but it has speakerconnections for two speakers (total of four terminals)
    If i connect two subs directly to the amp, (each with its own cable and 2 wires).. will they both be doing the same thing? I don't assume I'll be getting 2-channel audio out of the mono amp but I'm stumped as to why there would be two connections..

    with both (4 ohm) subs connected seperately, what will the impedance be to the amp? i guess it depends on if its internally wired in series or in parallel...
    depending on that, would it be possible to bridge this amp? then wire the two subs in parallel for a 2ohm count.

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    since its a mono amp, the 2 channels you see are probably put there to make it easier on you
    its still a mono, but it has 2 channels seperated for ease of install
    at least thats why i look in the manual...but im pretty sure im right
    if you hook up 2 4ohm subs, one 2 each channel, youll more than likely get a 2 ohm load
    as far as the REM wire...ive always seen em where you just crimp or solder it
    i have no idea what sony does though...their head units...actually, their entire car audio line is not very good anymore
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    bah! I know.. I hate sony car audio stuff.. hate it so bad ive had too many bad experiences with it. (including an amp just about starting to melt)
    Well I'll search around see if i can find any info. Come to think of it, my other kenwood amp i think it has a similar jack on it. weird.

    oh and in the amp's manual.. it says 'Speaker outputs a and b are wired in parallel internally'. so i guess that answers my question.. it'll be a 2ohm load. who knew the manual would actually be good for something!

    thanks for the help,

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    Well I found out that the plug that I was talking about isn't even for the remote turn on. It's for a remote commander thing for the deck

    like that.
    It shouldn't be a problem, the car has a remote turn on lead, ill just solder to that.

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