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Thread: Mm2124

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    Question Mm2124

    Hey guys I currently have a 12" Kicker Comp sub in a box designed for that sub.(HC12 combo) seen here..

    I am using a kenwood a kac 650 amp ...seen here to power all my interior speakers and the sub. (5 channel amp)

    My question is I'm thinking about exchanging the kicker comp sub and putting in a momo 2124 sub in the box I have. My question is will my amps sub channel be enough to power it and will that speaker sound alright in the box I have. The amp sub channel is rated at:

    2 ohms- 300 Watts x 1
    4 ohms- 200watts x 1

    Prob not enough juice :(

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    You're right. The VC on the polk sub is 4 ohms, so you'd be giving it less than half it's rated power. I don't think it'd perform very well for you without more power. - Read it, know it

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