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Thread: What Gives

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    Question What Gives

    I was wondering where the plans went for the sub boxes. I remember when polk use to have plans for boxes up on the site, and now they don't. I have only used 2 pre-fab boxes ever. I prefer to build my own for the satisfaction of knowing no one else is going to have a onx like mine. This really disapoints me that there are no plans on the site. If I would have known this, I pry would not have bought these subs......

    I was looking for plans on a type of iso-baric bandpass box for 2 12" DX12

    Also I need to know what is the best amp to use on 2 12 polk dx 12's, RF, MTX, HiFonis.....

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    I've attached a box plan for a DX12 dual iso bandpass enclosure in word format that Kim asked me to post. If you have any problems opening it, let us know.


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    Hey what program did you use for that? It looks pretty spiffy.

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