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    Default Crossover Settings

    I do not really understand what crossover means. I am looking for help on what I should set my receiver and sub to as far as crossover setttings go so I do not double filter. What is a good crossover setting to set my system to. Currently my receiver is set to 80 and I have the sub all the way up to 150. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
    Mike T

    Onkyo TX-SR501 (Receiver)
    Polk R50 (Fronts)
    Polk R20 (Rear Surround)
    Polk CSi3 (Center)
    KLH Sub
    65in Mitsubishi HDTV

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    say no more just leave as is cause you receivers xover is now being used.....

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    Mike, If you are using the LFE in on your sub then the crossover in the sub is automatically bypassed. Crossover is the point at which the sub takes over and the rest of the speakers stop. But sound doesnt just 'cut-off' on the rest of the system at that point it decreases by steadily.

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    Mike as the previous replies indicated, your present setting is good(since the KLH doesn't have a provision to completely bypass its crossover, the next best thing is to get it as far out of the way as possible of the 80Hz crossover the receiver does by turning it all the way up to the 150Hz max). The receiver crossover filter rolls off the speakers below 80Hz at about 12dB per octave and rolls off the sub above 80Hz at about 24dB per octave. Hopefully this allows the speakers and sub and their amplifiers to handle the frequencies which each does best.

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