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    Default I turn to the wise forum sages (Bad Boys)

    Well, I have scoured the net as best I know how and scoured my friends brains as best I know how and have come up empty handed. So now I turn the Polk forum guru's......mabye they have an answer.

    I am looking for the soundtrack to the movie Bad Boys. Thats it thats all. But I am not looking for the full of rap and mostly filler songs official release. I am looking for the score to the movie (Mainly Mark Mancina) and I can find it nowhere. I have heard of a CD out there with the score on it and have also heard of sites where it could be downloaded....but no one can give me any info on where to find these elusive items. So, if anyone here has any clue as to where I might find this, I would be most greatful. (and the polk fourms unbleamished record would continue)

    Much Thanks!
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    soulseek is always a good try for obscure stuff -

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    You may know this already, but the score for the movie is included as a separate audio track on the DVD and can be played back in a 5.1 mix without any of the dialogue or sound effects.

    According to this review anyway:

    Bad Boys Review
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