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    Default High School Pranks

    Recently my alma mater has been in the news locally here because the senior class had a food fight in which a few individuals actually brought tupperware containers of human feces and threw it in the lunch room during the fight. Quite tasteless I must say.

    When I heard that I was thinking back to the pranks we did when I went there and wondering some of the ones you guys did when you were in high school.

    When I was a frosh the senior class attempted to make the pool into jello. I don't think they realized how much gelatin it would take! It looked pretty funny, but they hardly got the whole thing.

    We ended up starting a new tradition where we drove our lawn tractors to school (we were in a suburban neighboorhood) instead of our cars. We also took a girls old beater car and used a fork lift to put it on the overhead covering where the busses would come. It was pretty funny, but not that great.

    What about you?

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    My freshman year the senior class did nothing.
    I remember my sophomore year, some seniors cemented a keg to a little slab, and tried to then cement the slab to the middle of the parking lot. I watched the janitor walk over, grab the keg handles, and after very little tugging the thing came free. They were later caught, because some of the guys wanted the keg back for their deposit.
    Junior year, the seniors tried cementing the doors to the offices closed (what's with all the cement?) I am not sure exactly why they thought it would work, cause the doors opened right up. They just had to clean a mess, is all.

    Now my senior class is where we finally claimed victory- we (me and about 10 guys) bought a pair of old trashed Volkswagen bugs from some old man who had them sitting in his field for who knows how long for $100 for the pair. We got them to the school the night before graduation on a flatbed truck, and unloaded them in the parking lot and cut holes in the floor. Part of the cyclone fence that goes all the way around the parking lot has about a 10' section on hinges, and next to that about a 2' space for people to walk through. We opened the gate, and took out the pole (about 6" thick, one that slides into a sleeve in the parking lot) and stuck the pole through one of the bugs sunroof, then through the floor. We then put it in gear, and cut the gear shift lever off. We filled the puppy with as much cement as we cared to mix. some slashed tires, vulgar sayings about some of the faculty in orange spraypaint, and voila- there it was. The other bug had its tires slashed and filled with cement for weight, and was left in the middle of the parking lot, not before receiving the same 'paint job' as the other one. heh heh.

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    One time at band camp.....:D

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    My Junior year the seniors hijacked the famous Archy's Big Boy and got it on the roof.

    My senior class released 4 greased pigs in the hallways. that was funny.

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