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Thread: Linn Genki

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    Default Linn Genki

    I might have a chance to score a "final Redbook cd player" for about cost. The Linn Genki. I won't have a chance to listen to this thing but I've asked alot of people I respect. I was curious if anybody here has heard it? I was worried about it being too harsh and accurate but I've since been told that it would be lightyears ahead of both the NAD and Rotel stuff. I'm currently using a NAD541i.

    Another player I had been thinkin about was the Sony XA777ES bought used from a friend. The added benefit would be SACD playback, but I'm not entirely convinced it would hold up with the Linn in redbook playback.

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    a buddy of mine LOVED the Linn Genki when he was auditioning gear. I believe he liked it best out of the Arcam CD92 & CD72, NAD541 which are all pretty good company. He ended up with NAD Silver series gear because he like the system as a whole better.

    He was trying to convince me to buy the Genki but I never shelled out the cash for a CD upgrade yet... If you can get the Genki for a good deal you might as well try it. You can always sell it at Audiogon.

    Isn't the Genki the CD player that has a preamp built into it, you could hook it right up to a power amp, no pre needed...
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    I haven't listened to the Linn, so no comment on that. The Sony I use to own, it's pretty good on SACD, but lacks on redbook, although better than a lot of stuff out there. If you're looking for redbook only, you might want to consider one that upsamples to 24/192 and has a tube output. It's a winning combo.
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