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    Default Improvements to RTi and Lsi series?

    Hey guys. I want to hear your opinions. What would you like Polk to improve on in the next iteration of their RTI, RM, and/or LSI series speakers? As an rti owner, I think the only thing I could ask is to tone down the tweeter a little to get rid of some of the brightness and to add a little more low end to the sound. Right now, the sound is definately favoring the high end and the tweeter seems to dominate the woofers. Don't get me wrong, I love my system. I just completed a 7.1 set-up with the Rti8s, CSi3, FXi3s, and Rti4s (look for pics soon in the system showcase). No speaker is perfect, but make no mistake, for the price, I'd say Polks are damn close. What do you think needs to be improved??

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    Transition between the Tweeter and Midbasses

    The RT5 is incredibly smooth in this respect -- where did Polk go from there? RTi70 is like listening to a snake...

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    For RTi:
    #1 Tame the treble a bit.
    #2 Magnetic grills.
    #3 Metal carpet spikes and power ports.

    For LSi:
    #1 I'd like some more midrange to open up the guitar sounds for rock music
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