Hi all...Just finished my new boat system and it sounds great but I am blowing inline power fuses on my tower speaker amp when I get to higher listening levels.

I have a PA500.4 driving the tower speakers in 2 channel mode (2 mm651um's on each channel so running at 2 ohm) and then a PA1200.1 driving 2 MM1240DVC's running at 1 ohm.

I called Polk for the fuse reccommendation and they said 120 AMP onthe main feed and then splitting to a 30 AMP feeding the PA500.4 and a 80 AMP feeding the PA1200.1.

The 500.4 has 2x40 AMP fuses in it so I am thinking I need to up the amp size to 40 AMP which I think should still be safe since the on board is 80 AMP total (if I understand how the AMP fuses work).

Thoughts or comments on if going to 40 AMP inline on the PA500.4 is a mistake? If I do that, the 120 AMP inline feeding the distribution block should be perfect right?