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    Default Lsi FX -- any thoughts??

    I'm considering gradually changing out my HT from RTi to Lsi. I have a 7.1 set up and I've already switched out the rears from 38's to 7's. I was thinking that my next move would be to change out the rear surrounds from 30's to FX's. I haven't heard much about the FX's on the forum. The cheapest price I've seen for them is $579/pair NIB. A used pair is selling on audiogon right now for $600. If I went with the FX's, I'd sell my 30's, but is it worth the extra approx. $400 bucks for a timbre matched set up in the rear?

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    Ok first off timbre matching is cridical for no change in movement of sound.

    2nd the Lsi fx surround speakers are fantastic.They throw a huge sound and very open.I personally love em.

    If your going Lsi in fron,use Lsi all the way around.

    Fx design speakers work best on the side walls.they can be placed on the back wall but you would be better off with monos like the Lsi7's in my opnion.

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    The LSiFX's are great. Plus the RTi stuff sounds nothing like the LSi's, so you'll want LSi's all the way around.

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    Personally, I would replace your center channel first. There really isn't that much surround information in most movies. The center channel is the hardest working speaker in a system, so I'd recommend going with a LSi C first, before the FX.

    But the FX are nice ;)
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