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    Default Music gambles that turned out?

    Anyone take a gamble on a musical selection that turned out you liked?

    I was on-line shopping for some SACDs - took a gamble on:

    It turns out to be a very enjoyable quirky combination of jazz/cajun/reggae.

    First time thru - I'm cocking my head thinking 'what is this?' But the 2nd time thru I'm liking it more and more. Nice guitar and piano work.

    Odd...but enjoyable - and sonically - very clean.

    H9: If you don't trust what you are hearing, then maybe you need to be less invested in a hobby which all the pleasure comes from listening to music.

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    That's what happened to me when I heard a song by Silversun Pickups. I took a chance and now happily own two of their CDs.

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    I've had a few, but one that stands out is The Wallflowers: Bringing Down the Horse. I was in the BMG CD Club and this was the Selection of the Month. I forgot to cancel it so they sent it out. I'd never heard of The Wallflowers but for some reason decided I'd go ahead and give it a listen. I still listen to it from time to time and I've bought most of The Wallflowers CD's.

    The first gamble I ever remember taking was buying Living Colour: Cult of Personality based on my uncle telling me it was good. Meh.

    Cool thread. Maybe it will lead to a few other gambles that pay off.

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    Lady Gaga. I enjoy her so much I have bought all the remix CDs out so far.

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    Ozric Tentacles: Strangitude.

    I instantly liked them when I got the disc home and played it.
    Since then, I've been buying their stuff whenever I come across it.

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    Neil Young's Landing on Water. Bought this the other day at my favorite used record store and was very pleasantly surprised. Reviews trash it saying it was too 80's synth sounding. I've already given two spins. NOT your early type Neil Young at all but very good in the context of the 80's.
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