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    Default subwoofer, Velodyne or Polk

    Hi, I am looking for a subwoofer. Clean, precise bass is my preference. Anyone can comment Velodyne and Polk. I had a test at CC, seems Velodyne is a boom-boom style. Polk make me feel more comfortble. How about HSU. SVS is too expensive to me.

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    i have a cht 10 and 12. i love both of them will all my heart and soul. They can over power the music when i want to listen to rap or techno. They can also be turned down to a normal listening level and they sound fantastic. You cant go wrong with either one though. Im sure as u can tell by now, i recomend the velodyne.

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    Default Re: subwoofer, Velodyne or Polk

    Originally posted by COMEon
    SVS is too expensive to me.
    **Too Expensive for YOUR budget: Understandable
    **Too Expensive for the product: SVS is awesome bang for the buck - nothing can touch performance vs price on thier subs.
    Never read a negative review. In Audio you get what you pay for and SVS is a sure thing. ;)

    PS --- We have a subwoofer section and you may get more feedback thier.
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    Both the Velo CHT 12 & 15s are great subs. I've had both in the house and was very pleased. The sub you tested at CC probably had it's crossover dial set too high. has some great prices on them too.
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    I notice they have a Phase Tech 12'' (open box) going for approx. $299.00. THAT is a phenominal deal. If I had the extra coin I would be all over that.

    Phase Tech sub's are fairly robust, may not dig to the lower bowels of bass octaves but the sound is tight, precise, and very controlled.

    The Polk sub's also can hold themselves fairly well when it comes to precision. I have come to find Polk subs being more sensitive to room placement then some others I have dealt with.

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