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Thread: diy speakers

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    Default diy speakers

    ok guys and gals it is diy time agin olny this time i am going with speakers. i think i will start out samll and work from there i am looking at a elf spire kit from css what do you think? my seccond choice is gr av-2

    a little more but a little better speaker.
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    Good to hear. I'm not familiar with either of those models and am only familiar with hearing GR planar DIYs. I love the concept of DIY. It's sooo much cheaper, you get more pride of ownership, it's a great way to learn, you can model things to suit your needs, and it's a great way to spend time on an audio related endeavor that isn't just sitting in front of the computer - much more hands-on.

    I don't even think you heard my DIY periscopes when you were over. Great stuff. You're more than welcome to check them out. I'm gonna send them to HBomb if he ever responds to my PMs.

    Good luck.
    Make it Funky! :)

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    I've built a pair of full range speakers using the Tang Band w3-871s driver which is the same driver used in the Spires kit. It looks awesome and sounds great too. It is very clear and detailed, a very natural sounding driver.
    You cant go wrong with GR either. I've been tempted to build one of the AV kits too, they look great.
    Also, in about three weeks, a new CSS driver is coming out. It is a full range 4.5" driver using Adire Audio's XBL^2 motor tech. I will be doing something with this driver or its big brother the 6.5" Extremis. They use the same tech as the Tumult sub. They are very cool drivers with big excursion and low distortion.
    If you contact Al Wooley at , he has some Spires kits that he is loaning out for people to audition. Maybe you can get in on that.
    Good luck with the project Ganzo

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