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    Default The Dreaded Defector - Thought I'd Stay In-Touch

    Stereos are neat. This is cooler...

    I'm ordering everything except the radio tomorrow...which I have to wait until December for :( . I just have to decide whether or not to step up to an Evo tomorrow morning, which is a slightly better model. I think the total comes out to $1200 as is without fuel or starting equipment .

    I'll get back to you guys to let you know if I made the right decision...and to report on the chick response. :D
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    Are you a member over at Runryder? That pic gets posted over there a lot.

    That's a very good beginners setup. You can grow with it too.

    I fly too BTW.

    Between Rappy's and Evo's, I prefer the Rappy. It's a bit faster on the stick and 3d's better than the Evo. The Evo is not a "better" heli, just different. Like Chevy vs. Fords. You like what you like. I've had both and still prefer the Rappy.
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    At first, when the photo didn't show up, I was thinking you guys were talking about a Mitsubishi EVO

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