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    Default crossover questions

    okay, i'm helping a friend build a system, and it would be much cheaper for him if there existed an after-aftermarket crossover that is put in the signal path after the amplifier. this is the setup: he has 2 tweets, 2 midranges, 2 midbasses, and 2 subs. the subs are out of the equation, cause they get their own amp. i've delineated the exact situation in the next paragraph; it can be safely skipped if you want.

    so, i have these xover points chosen, cause they've worked well in his car in the past: 80 Hz LP for the subs, 80 Hz-200 Hz for the midbasses (kinda guessing on this one, but no big deal to change it), 200 Hz-3.5 kHz for the midranges, 3.5 kHz HP for the tweets. he has a 150Wx2 Ch. amp right now, and it happens to be nice and is to be kept if at all possible. like i mentioned, the sub amp is going to be purchased and wired off the sub outputs of the HU, so no big deal there. this leaves me with a "mid" and a "high" output (he's got a good pioneer HU - i like this kid, he thinks like i do :p) for 3 sets of speakers. so, because of the way the HU handles the outputs, the tweets get 2 channels of an amp, but they can take about 50W, and i don't want to waste the 150W amp on them if i can help it. so, i can get a small 50W amp for them, no problems. the midranges and midbasses (actually, they're about the same speaker, i don't know what kind, he's just got 2 5-1/4s and 2 6-3/4s and wants to separate them in this way) can, convienently, take about 75W. thus, i want to put the single "mid" output of the HU into the single input of the 150X2 amp, then put a crossover after the output bit, so i can split the left channel into Left-Midrange and Left-Midbass; obviously, same with the right...

    so i need a 75W-per-channel, 2-channel-high-level-input, 4-channel-high-level-output crossover... does one exist?
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    3 way component kits like the JL or MB quart 3 way sets have a passive x-over that will handle frequency duties for all three speakers. The JL Audio XR x-over is by far the best with tons of tuning options. You could check with your local JL, MB or whoever dealer and see if they would sell you a x-over only.

    Other than that, I dont really know of any other option short of an active unit.
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