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    Default Polk center vs. Inf Beta center

    Finally, got to do a demo for a customer of the Polk Monitor Cs1 vs. the Infinity Beta C250. U571 was the test material. Now, we all know about the grill problem on the Betas, so to be fair I removed the grills off both speakers and had the customer sit on the official CC bench in the middle of the room.

    After only switching back and forth twice, the customer said 'I'll take the Polk!' I realized after the first switch how poorly the Beta sounded compared to the monitor. By poorly, I mean the Beta didn't seem to have much depth, voices coming through the Polk sounded more realistic. Maybe Infiinity is putting all their good stuff in the Kappa series and above. I think the old Alpha center sounded better than the new Beta.


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    I haven't listened specifically to the Beta center, but I like the Betas much more than the Alpha series. I hated the Alphas. The Beta are more laid back and seem to be built better. I still prefer the RTi's of course, but if Polk's get any brighter in future generations, I might start liking the Infinity's more.

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