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    Default Monster optical cable with H/K AVR 430

    Need a little help here folks.
    I've never used optical cables before, so I don't exactly know if I'm doing something wrong or if my cable is bad.
    I'm trying to use a Monster lightpipe cable from my Pioneer 587a DVD player to my HK AVR 430 for 2-channel audio. But no matter what I do to the player or receiver, I can't get audio to go through. When setting different options in the Pioneer player, I can see the red light go on/off. So I believe the player is sending the signal. On the receiver, I set the input to Video 2/ Optical In, but I get nothing. Using a digital coax works fine.
    I've also tried using this optical cable from my PlayStation 2 to the receiver. Still nothing.
    Anybody have a similar situation or some advice for me? Could it just be a bad cable?
    Thanks in advance.
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    On the HK's you have to assign which optical input you are using. Make sure that the Video 2 input is saying optical 1 if you are using optical 1. As an alternative set it like you were and try using the different optical inputs until of them works.
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