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Thread: stereo and sub

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    Default stereo and sub

    hiya to all the home people on the other side of the tracks here... im messing with a two channel setup in my dorm, and i was wondering: i have a 5 channel reciever (not 5.1, it's rather old but still quite good). it has, therefore, 2 front channels, a center, and 2 rear channels... i use only the two fronts because i have only two speakers... i would like to augment the bass response from these bookshelf speakers, and i'm quite capable of building a subwoofer box (with crossover network in an appropriate configuration). how can i go about using the two front channels (high-level outputs, btw) to power two front speakers AND a sub... the receiver is 4-ohm stable, and the sub and bookshelves are each 8-ohm. any ideas?
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    I know there's usually somebody on ebay selling Cerwin Vega subwoofer crossovers. I'm at work so I can't link one for you but they're there. I snagged one not too long ago for around $16 shipped. It has a set point of 120hz, but can work well with the right speakers (ie bookshelfs and decent sub). For the subwoofer, make sure to get a dual voice coil (DVC) since this is a stereo crossover and would make for an easier connection.

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