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    Question HSU vs Parts Express - which for better value?

    Has anyone compared the Parts Express 15" sub kit to the HSU VTF-3 MK 2? They are only about $80 apart from each other (12" HSU is more expensive).

    My Room is 16 x 19, but my house has a VERY open floor plan with Kitchen on 1 side of HT (completly open 16 x 14) and a dining room behind me (12 x 16 with 9' non-closable opening).

    While I use it mainly for HT (about 90%), I like the bass very fast and tight. Can any of you make any recommendations for either of these subs?



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    Hsu is one of the best subs you can buy. So buy it.
    HT/2-channel Rig: Sony 50 LCD TV; Toshiba HD-A2 DVD player; Emotiva LMC-1 pre/pro; Rogue Audio M-120 monoblocks (modded); Placette RVC; Emotiva LPA-1 amp; Bada HD-22 tube CDP (modded); VMPS Tower II SE (fronts); DIY Clearwave Dynamic 4CC (center); Wharfedale Opus Tri-Surrounds (rear); and VMPS 215 sub

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