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    Default 8" Momo subs w/ xtant 1.1i's

    I have a Toyota Tundra Access cab and am severly limited in where I can put equipment. Currently, I have the MMC6500's up front and a Q-logic sub box (going for steath and SQ) with 2 Momo 8"DVC subs. My original plan was to run a pair of Xtant 403a's, vertically biamping the MMC6500's and running each sub off of one of the mono channels on both amps.

    Problem is, the amps didn't fit -- unless I was willing to give up my back seat! Here is my question. The xtant 1.1's are small enough to fit back there and I was wondering if they would work for the subs, one 1.1' running one 8"DVC sub.

    What do you think? I am having problems finding an amp that sounds good and fits......


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    i think that you'd need one amp for each coil of both subs - each coil is 4 ohms. parallel them down to 2 ohms, and put that on the amp, and xtant says that the thing will still output 100 W (same as it would to 4 ohms, which is odd, and means that it's well-regulated, unless it's a typo). if that amp does indeed put out 100Wx1 Ch. @ 2 ohms, it won't work to those drivers' full potential. give them a call on tuesday and find out if that's right, and if it's not, what they can suggest. or wait for a response from someone with a similar vehicle and situation.
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    you might try looking at sounddomain to see what people with your vehicle have done
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    Great idea on bi-amping. That is the ONLY way Ill run my systems from now on!

    The Xtant 1.1 is a fully regulated, full range, mono amp. It will put out around 100 watts with any voltage or impedance so Neo is right in that it wont be enough for that sub.

    Also, those little beauties are made for and beg for a high end set of full range speakers! These are awesome amps that sound great and sticking them on a sub is like giving a C4 Vette to a 85 year old lady!

    Also they dont make the A series amps anymore so unless you have a source lined up you wont be able to find them. Mitek Factory Direct doesnt even offer them anymore.

    Its gonna be tough seeing as how youve got 2 DVC subs. You could dump one of the subs and go with a 5 channel amp like this hoss from Kicker for $580. You could bi-amp the fronts and use the mono channel on one of the 8's and be set.
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