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    Default newbie needs help :-D

    hey everyone, im new to the car audio please be nice. ha. anyway, i just got four MMC570's and a C400.4. I am not looking to put a subwoofer in my car. Anyway, my problem is that I often listen to music through my iPod. I know you can have head units with an auxilary input on the front. Everywhere I go though, the people say that they are generally not good units. Does this matter, being that i have a seperate amp? Let me know, or give any suggestions. Thanks a lot

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    if you search around, i believe crutchfield, maybe sounddomain, or even local electronics stores, they make adaptors, specifically for the ipod, and also general ones, that can connect to your HU
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    just get any HU that has RCA inputs. get an RCA to Mini (what the ipod uses, basically a headphone jack) adapter and hook the ipod up to the mini connection... easy as pie ;)

    you'll have a wire somewhere odd unless you want to take the time to hide it (run under the carpet and to the front seat, modify the install kit to make it look like it's supposed to be there etc...)
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    Check out Alpine. I believe the 15th of October (check out crutchfield, look up my HU and then click recommed accessories tab) they will have an adapter for iPod (Alpine KCA-420i) so you can control the iPod from the HU and it charges the iPod while connected. I have the CDA-9831 HU from alpine and really like it so far. I know you can get the iPod controller for that HU but the controller will be $100 on top of the HU. Otherwise you could get a $15 cable (Alpine KCA-121B) to connect the iPod to an AUX in via Alpines changer control port (Ai-Net), but you can't control the iPod via the HU or charge it up either that way.

    I've been tossing around that set up for a while now.

    Hope that helps.


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