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Thread: Amp Suggestions

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    Question Amp Suggestions

    I have a Kenwood VR-6070 (100W X 6ch) receiver driving my polks. I was fairly satisfied with it till now, but we recently moved into a new home with a huge entertainment room (27x20). I would like to add an amplifier to fully utilize my front speakers (RTi 100). I would also like to add a Sub woofer. Any suggestions? My budget is about $800 for the amps.

    Here is my current setup.
    Fronts: RTi 100
    Center: CSi 30
    Sorround: Fxi30

    Thanks in advance
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    Default has some good stuff. They are having a B-stock sale on Adcom amps. I purchased a Parasound HCA 1500A amp B-stock from them. You also might want to check out for their Monoblocks.

    Also check out what's available in the flea market right here.

    Let us know what you decide.

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    I've got just what you need, here...

    It's 120 wpc @ 8 ohms will absolutely smoke your 100 wpc Kenwood and it can be bridged mono @ 360 for driving a sub.
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