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    DJ Sterett

    Question Pounding out the kinks

    I have just installed 4 Momo120's in the back of my Hyundai Tiburon...Yes 4 in a small import. I am pushing them with 2 Kenwood 401m amps! A fellow poster on this board has had a hand in the install (kStrange65) This car has had many different subs: the db10, db12(kenwood), 6000's, 8000's(mtx) and finally the m120's by far the best. I just want to give props to Polk and say that if you want good clean sound consider the 401M for power.. Its awesome... I'm currently breakin the subs in but they still pound. 2 questions to Kim...Do you believe that I have enough power or should I consider something more??? When I took the subs out of the box I pushed them in as far as they would go and pulled them out in the same manner under recomedation of a professional installer at Circuit Cty...Do you suggest this??????and Why????

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    The power spec for this amp into 2 Ohms is 400 watts. Since you are using ( 2 ) of them, I don't think that you will experience any problems unless you set the EQ's sliders to look like a big
    "Smiley Face" or turn on the loudness contour, or both!!
    I have sold these amps in my retail days and have had good luck with them. The build quality is very good. Just try not to over drive them and I am sure that they will do great. If they sound great and work well then I would not change a thing!!

    Happy Bass listening!!

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