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    Default Flat Freq. Response

    Okay, I've installed my GNX10 in my wagon finally. Just went with a 1ft^3 box, it's not all pretty, but dammit, it works :)

    Anyway, I'm to the tuning stage now. I want a completely flat frequency response. The RioCar/empeg unit I have allows for a 20 band parametric EQ, so I have lots of room to tweak. What do I need to measure the frequency response? I have a test CD with sine waves, so got that, just need some kind of audio meter to measure inside the car.

    Any suggestions? It sounds great already, but I've noticed some buzzing in my ears every once in a while, but can't quite track down the frequency that is the culprit ;) hahaha

    - Steve
    '02 WRX Wagon

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    The GNX104 really pounds when installed into a 1.25 cubic feet
    vented enclosure that is tuned using a 3 inch diameter port that is 8 inches long. I would suggest building this enclosure before adding a bunch of equalization to the program material. Then use a digital SPL meter from the guys at "Radio Shack" to measure the increase in overall SPL. Do a before and after measurement.
    Before with the 1.0 cubic feet enclsure and then after with the larger box. Then beg, or borrow a spectrum analyzer to see the result of the final product. It will make tuning the system a little more easy. But let the final judge be your ears. The "buzzing" could be a panel resonance. These are a big pain in the butt to track down. Dynamat and rubberized undercoating here we come!! It also could be a air leak from the enclosure. Take a piece of tissue paper and go around the enclosure to see if there are any air leaks.

    Happy Buzz Finding!!

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