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    Default testing if new RTi10 is bad

    I just bought a new pair of RTi10's. Not to mention a pair of monitor 30's for surrounds, csi5 center, and psw12. One RTi10 came with a bad tweeter. It was totally dead. I spoke with Polk tech support and they directed me to hook the tweeter up directly, no sound. So they sent me a new tweeter, no questions asked. Really cool, but getting a bad new speaker was no fun.

    Now I have the new tweeter. But the sound out of this speaker just is not "right" according to my ears. I have been listening to music, and the highs are not as full or crisp on the speaker with the replaced tweeter. Is there anywhere to download test tones or something to be certain? I just want an easy way to figure out where exactly the sound is lacking? People mention avia(sp?) or something, but Im broke after buying all this new gear. Something free would be good, not to mention I am impatient. :D

    Any suggestions are appreciated...

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    These won't be as comprehensive as Avia, but you burn them to cd, or run them through your computer to your stereo.

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