I delivered some horse hay to an acreage in northern IL and while unloading it I was joking with the him about the fact that I have to sell hay to pay for my audio/home theater and woodworking habits! He wanted to know about home theater because he was planning a room in their house for it, but told me he had a real nice stereo set-up. It turned out to be a set of SDA-2's, an HSU VTF2, and a set of what he called small Magnepan's. He had the Magnapan's mounted on the wall, above the SDA's and about 1 foot offcenter of the SDA's, and probably 6" off the wall using metal L brackets. Power appeared to be all Carver pre-amps and power amps. I only had about 15 or 20 minutes of listening time, but this set up sounded sweet. The imaging of the SDA's combined with the spatial qualities of the Maggies, very nice! He bought it from a store in Madison WI that he said is now gone. It almost sounded like the tweeters in the SDA's were disconnected, but he wasn't sure as he bought the system the way it was. Has anyone else experimented with this kind of set-up? It did play Metallica really well, and sounded incredible with the new Mindy Smith CD.