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    Default Opinions and insight requested - best next upgrade? Rotel RSP-1068 Pre or Polk LSi7

    I'm new here on the Polk board, but have had polk spkrs for a while now. Am hooked and plan on staying polk.

    Here's what I currently have:

    Denon 2805 - receiver
    Rotel RMB 1075 - 5 ch amp
    Polk rt35 - Front spkrs
    Polk CSi40 - centre spkr
    Polk FXi3 - Surrounds and Surround backs
    Velodyne DLS 4000 - Sub

    The Rotel amp is only a week old, and the difference from using the receiver amps to the 1075 has been nothing short of So much more depth in the sound.

    Seems to me the weakest link by far now is my front speakers.

    So would upgrading my mains to say LSi7 or LSi9 be a better move for me then going to a Rotel RSP-1068 pre replacing the receiver.

    Since i can't upgrade all at once, which would be a better path?

    LSi7 or 9 now then RSP1068 eventually LSiC and surrounds

    LSi7 or 9 now then LSiC and surrounds then RSP1068

    Will the LSi fronts sound good with the polks I will still have, the CSi40 and FXi'3s?

    Part of my thinking is that the sooner I get the 1068, the more I can get selling my Denon 2805 on Ebay.

    My usage is probably 75% HT and 25% music.


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    Default Re: Opinions and insight requested - best next upgrade? Rotel RSP-1068 Pre or Polk LS

    Originally posted by dvdchance
    LSi7 or 9 now then LSiC and surrounds then RSP1068
    If I was in your shoes this would definately be my choice. At least the three front speakers before the prepro. Music will be much better with the new fronts.

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    I upgraded from RT5's(basically the same as Rt35's) to LSi7's and noticed a huge difference, even though I'm just using a Yamaha receiver.

    A good preamp will make your current system sound pretty good.
    The LSi's will also make your system sound pretty good.

    The least expensive approach initially would be the LSi7's. They can be had new and used between $300-400. After that, you decide if your center channel will work. If you can't tell a large difference, then skip the center and go for the preamp. I have heard a couple people say their CSi40 sounds ok with the LSi's.

    The surrounds will probably tide you over the longest. I have FXi30's and in my listening room, they sound fine with the 7's.

    Are you going to use the RT35's as rears in a 7.1 system(sorry I don't know the specs of the preamp you are considering?

    Have fun with your upgrades. I'm enjoying mine.

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    Your receiver should hold its value pretty well for the next couple of years since it's a recent model. Your speakers won't continue to hold their value. I recommend selling the front and center speakers you have now and suggest purchasing LSi9s and an LSi Center as your next upgrade.

    I have an RSP-1068 and it is a significant upgrade to a receiver, but I think the best way to build a system incrementally is to buy the best speakers you can afford first and then build the system around the speakers. I suggest using your Rotel amp to bi-amp LSi9s and use the spare channel for the center. Use your receiver's internal amp for the surrounds.

    Your FXi3 surrounds will sound fine with LSi speakers up front, but you won't want to use the CSi40 with LSi speakers as the mains. They don't sound right together.
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    You should go for LSI 9's first, then later on down the line get the RSP 1068. The Denon can hold its own for now.
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    I have LSi7 & Rti70 up fronts with CSi40 and I'm happy with it. But I plan to upgrade to LSi15 & dual LSi7 (will be Center) in the near future. I use Denon 3803 as a preamp and Outlaw 770 is the amp.
    I think you should go for speaker upgrade with LSi9 and LSic to hear a noticable difference in SQ.

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    LSi9's, then LSiC, then Preamp, then Surrounds. Unless you listen to a lot of DVDa and SACD then I'd do the surrounds before the Pre...
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    Lsi9's AND the LsiC. Save your coinage until you can swap out the front three.
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