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    Default does HU matter that much

    with everyones recemendation i didnt buy a sony amp to power my speakers instead i saved my money and got a phonix gold 45x4 and im loving it. ive decided however to get a new head unit, one that supports dvd so my question is does it matter which head unit i get if the speakers are gonna be powered by an amp because their a metrick in dash dvd player with 2 2volt pre outs which costs 170 and a jvs with 2 2volt pre outs which costs 500 so i was wondering if it made a difference
    thanx guys

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    well a good quality head unit is MUCH more than just an internal amplifier...
    so yes, it does matter
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    dvd headunits are going to be expensive, take that as a given. the quality of a headunit has nothing to do with the internal amp - except for the voltage of the preouts - when you're using an amplifier. so those "60-watt mosfet" hu's don't mean squat. what you should look for is:

    A) name - generally, go with pioneer, alpine, or kenwood (my personal preferences are in that order, but whatever works for you); there are certainly other names out there, they're smaller for a reason, usually.

    B) features - preout voltage and number of preouts (for a very high quality system, three (high/mid/low), for full surround sound, also three, for a decent to very good system, two, no less than that or you get into splitting issues eventually). how easy is it to use - this is important, you will want to be able to keep your eyes on the road (this is what turned me away from eclipse, i didn't like the feel). built in equalizer - depending upon preference you may like ease-of-use over flexibility, i prefer the latter for more options (more bands that are more adjustable). xover - same thing, adjustibility is key here, especially for points and slopes. for a dvd hu you'll want to look into expansion - how easy it is to add more stuff, like screens, cd changer, etc.

    thats my 2 cents.
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    Stick with either Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood or Eclpise with output voltages of 4 volts or more and youll be fine.
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