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    Default I need some Help

    A friend at work knows I'm a Polky and through an equipment list and quote on my desk asking me if its good. I'll tell you guys that I have "0" experience with car audio. Its just too complicated for my fragile little mind. The following equiipment list is provided for your review and thoughts. Thanks in advance.

    -AMFMCD/DVD Clarion VRX935VD
    -10.4 Flip Down Vidio screen w IR transmitter
    -IR headphones for vidio system
    -ZX8000 5 channel amp 4X100+1X300
    -Polk MOMO 5X7 coaxial
    -amp install kit 8 ga w RCA's and speaker wire
    RCA Y harness, barrel connectors, extra 17' cables for amp/vidio system
    -wire harness 70 5520 for 03+ Gr Mark/Expedition
    -install kit 03 Expedition/Mustang/Explorer
    -Polk MOMO 10" Sub inclosure
    -turn key install for 03 Ford Expedition

    Grand Total $3500.00


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    i would scratch the 5x7s and go for some mm6s off sounddomain...theyre extremely cheap right might require a little cutting but nothing that would depreciate the value of the car and if he ever wants to sell it he will not have to cut near the factory holes for the original speakers
    components sound better because they have better crossovers and the tweeter and the midrange are seperate allowing for a better sound stage
    you could even get some kickpanels off of sounddomain for like $150 a pair or ebay if you can find em for his specific vehicle
    everything else looks good
    go with knukonceptz for all your wiring needs...itll be cheaper, even with shipping than most place like best buy, wally world, and circuit city
    other than that, everything looks fantastic
    and im glad someone finally admits that car audio is more involved than HT;)
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    Leave the 5x7's. This guy probably has this deal for his family and custom install jobs like MM6's are not in the works. The MOMO MMC 5x7's will work out just fine and since they have external crossovers and even seperate binding posts for tweeters and woofers, they will perform like a component set anyway. So leave those where they are.

    I'm guessing that ZX8000 is a Hifonics Zeus series 5 channel amp. If so, good on him, that is a STOUT amplifier and should do him just fine for 4 speakers and a sub. One thing I would change though is I would go with a 4 guage amp wiring kit rather than an 8 guage kit. That amp is roughly 1,000 total, underated watts and if I remember correctly, it will draw about 50 amps of current all by itself. He'd be better off going with a 4 guage kit from Streetwires or Scosche. I would also forgoe the RCA cables that come in the kit and drop some change on a set of Streetwires ZeroNoise RCA's. Defintly quality stuff right there even in the low end lines. Out of all the components in a car stereo, interconnects are probably the most important and worth every penny. Unlike home audio, they will make a very big difference.

    Other than that stuff, what he has there is pretty decent stuff. It should give him a real kick-ass stereo and I saw that Clarion unit and it's snazzy! I'd buy it if I had a use for it!

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    Those are all solid performers and will work fine.

    The only changes I would make would be to dump the 5x7's and go with the components. However, like Jstas said, the 5x7s will work fine if a more complex installation is out of the question.

    As far as Hifonics amps, I have my doubts about them. I keep hearing about reliability problems with them especially in the power source. For a 5 channel I would rather go with a Kicker or MTX personally.
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