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    MArk Richardson

    Angry What sub's to go for

    The most confused i have been throughout my life is now.
    BAsically i have got a Pioneer 9600 HU in my car.
    ANd some normal speakers.

    I want to put 2 12" sub inmy car, but i am confused what to go for, i have these options-

    I want to get db but i am not too sure how the brand is as i have not heard of it before. So please help me.

    ALso i am thinking to buy amplifier either of kenwood, or legacy or may be alpine.
    There are not many companies available here in England.
    So what should i go for.

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    I've never heard of DB, so I'll refrain from comment there. For all of the rest of the brands you listed, there are many different subwoofers, in several different lines for each company. The primary question is "How much do you want to spend total?" i.e. sub, amp, box, and wiring; your total budget for the project. Offhand, I'd say Diamonds, but it truly depends upon your budget.

    A second question is that of style. You said you want volume, and this will happen with any decent sub. Do you want crazy loud bass, or do you want quality bass that will match the rest of your music, or something in between?
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    I'd avoid DB, VIbe, and Audiobahn and any non-premier Pioneer sub. DB and Vibe are about on par with Bazooka IIRC. Audiobahn is ok, but better can be had for the money. Not sure about your choices in England, but I think Adire has dealers there. The Shiva @ $125US is dang hard to beat, both in Sound Quality and Output(given even decent SQ). I'd check for a local dealer.
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    i agree with austinkp
    out of your choices though, id stick with Diamond
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    Diamond by far out of the choices you listed.

    Others I would consider would be Kicker, Orion and Image Dynamics.
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