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    Default First Club Polk members

    I wonder if Justin can go into the member logs and see who the very first 10 members of Club Polk were to sign on.

    Whatta ya think Justin, can it be done? Can you tell us who the first 10 members of Club Polk were?

    With BobMcG ringing in again and Jersey George's remarks about how far he goes back, it got me thinking on who the first members were. I've been around here quite a while along with George, BobMcG, Madmax and a bunch of others. You can't go by the number of posts since others that have been here maybe a 1/4 of the time have 3-4 times the number of posts of long standing members.

    Let's see it Justin!!! DO IT!!! DO IT NOW!!!!
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    I can tell you for sure a couple of names that were here before me, and haven't posted in a million years.

    Remember John Bonaci, Derek Alba, and Ian (Frozen Willy the bike salesman from Canada)?

    I'm pretty sure Ron-P (Falcon) was here before me too.

    Darrin the Lunatic was here from the very beginning, and maybe I miss him the most. Talk about a crackpot, but in a very healthy sense! When he was rare EVERYBODY was laughing.

    How about Snake? Crazier than Darrin the Lunatic, but in a very unhealthy and unsociable way.

    How could we forget the original "Fireball", Bob McG's brother Mike? Another SDA specialist from the get go.

    I guess we could look at the member list and pull out a few more.

    George Grand (of the Jersey Grands)
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    I remembe Snake and his outrageously priced system. He was entertaining reading for sure. I can't even remember what my original forum name was but I remember getting emails to let us know Club Polk was being set up. Time flies....

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    i think im the longest lasting member that still goes to the car audio side...ive been here since september of 2001
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