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    Default What $200 can build you

    I've been heavy into DiY speaker building for the last 6 months and can't believe what you can create for such little money. Check out what a guy I met two months ago at the Dayton, Ohio Parts Express speaker meet just built for $200.

    I built a simple line array with the same 4" woofer Sid used in his computer speakers. 16 per side with 32 3/4" tweeters. They sound amazing for only $40 each with wood and crossover. If you guys want to take your audio careers :D to the next level, highly consider building some speakers. I find it undoubtebly more rewarding than just buying a pair, but others will think differently.


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    I wanna see pictures of yours dude...

    32 tweeters? Holy god... /////

    "No, that's silly talk. Dude, you can't possibly be this audio dumb so quit the act." - Doro

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    Hi Maz,
    I see you over at DIYaudio quite often. I have built several speakers before and am building a new pair sometime soon. I am using the Adire Audio Extremis 6 in a MT. I am trying to get Jon Marsh to do, or help me do a crossover with some LPG 26T tweeters. It is very satisfying to hear something you have built.

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