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    VIVA 2-CHANNEL...I'll go multi-channel as soon as I grow 3 more ears...

    I just saw that in steveinaz's sig.....that's hilarious.....might hafta add it....
    Quote Originally Posted by George Grand View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jstas View Post
    Simple question. If you had a cool million bucks, what would you do with it?
    Wonder WTF happened to the rest of my money.
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    Tom Reilly is the attorney general for Massachusetts.

    here is a link to the home page for Massachusetts attorney general.

    [URL=]MA attorney general[/URL]
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    I called and cancelled my order myself. I can't believe they still had it on back order and weren't going to cancel it. Anyways, I asked to speak with a manager; of course one wasn't available, and I will be expressing our mutual disappointment with this whole ordeal.

    Who started this big effin mess anyways?

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