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    Default do something nice this holiday season for someone

    ok. i'm in the giving mood this year more than ever before. Maybe it's old age and i'm going senile or something. but this holiday.. i'm really in the mood to give my time to some worthy causes.

    Things I'll be doing for my community this month will be..

    1. Christmas caroling in a childrens hospital next week over two nights. ( I can't even sing.. way off key here..)

    2. Cooking desserts for about 30 nuns at the local convent

    3. serving food at one of the local homeless shelter

    4. ?

    anyone else plan on giving a little something back to their community this season?
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    I will make every attempt to not drop my pants while in Walmart this year.

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    Originally posted by dorokusai
    I will make every attempt to not drop my pants while in Walmart this year.
    Be careful, I've seen some wal-marts were other customers would make that type of action extremely dangerous. All time safest place: A West Texas Wal-mart next to where they sell the shotguns. Good luck Doro!

    As for me, well, I don't even know wher I'll be yet, so it's a bit rough to make plans...
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    I'm giving supplies to our troops (food, towels, socks, etc...), Giving money to those in need for food, and helping give presents and clothing to A needy family so they can have a good Christmas. Granted they are projects run the school, but its things like these that make me feel much better about the world...

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    Here's a link for those of you that would like to do a good deed...Adopt a Soldier!!
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