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    Default New guy, with new speakers

    Hello All

    Just wanted to say, Great place and a god batch of people and info..

    A week ago, I picked up a set of Polk Monitor 12's, Yamaha Natural sound reciever (80wpc), Teac Deck and a DBX synthizer for 400.00... I hope that wasn't too much to pay? But anyhow, I have found these speakers easy to listen to at high levels! I do record and have been having a lot of trouble with regular speakers not being flat enough, but these babies are flat! Great for mix down!

    I was wondering, To cure some of my room colorization, Would an Eq work ok?
    (I wanna keep these as flat as possible when recording, but for regular listening, I hope an Eq will help a little with room muddiness?)

    Great work here guys/girls!
    Great place to learn!


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    For the most part,muddiness in the bass usually relates to room accoustics,speaker placement,or the amp not haveing enough juice to control the woofer.Crossover setting.The old 12's are big bass handlers and deserve better than that 80 watts your feeding them.Play around with the placement a bit and give them some more juice.Do you have them sitting on a floor with carpet ? Toed in or tilted in any way ? Near a wall ? Room size ? Best I can do for ya with the limited info.Welcome to the madness!BTW- I just gotta ask....Mother Mooch???????
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    Hello Tony

    Welcome to madness is about right! lol...

    Yes i know i need to feed them some more juice, Working on maybe a big bigger amp. As far a placement, They are on the floor (cement covered with carpet) And they are angled slightly toward me (center) about 2 feet from each coner. They bass is awsome compared to my Radian Research three ways, but i guess just a little tweaking is in store!

    Are these Vintage/rare? Or are they kinda mid level?

    I will say they are tight in the bass department! I long time ago i had a pair of Realistic Nova 10,s (8" woofer, 8" radiator) (Somehow slipped through my fingers) No where near comparison to these Polks! But i thought the days of Passive radiators was done for me until i found these! Nothing like a sealed box to get your heart pumping!

    As far as an amp, I have another JVC (not sure of the model) 5 channel 100 wpc that i was going to hook these up too, But don't think that 20 more watts is even going to make a difference? I wish i would have kept my old Sansui... (250 wpc) Well things change when kids are added to the equation...

    Thanks for the advice Tony!

    PS: "Mother Mooch is calling me back to her silver Womb" "Black Sabbath" Symptom of the universe! (old nickname)

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