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    Default Newbie - Help selecting speakers

    Hi. I am a newbie and I'm looking for some guidance/help. It has been 15 years or so since I have really dabbled in the home audio world. I am in the process of setting up my first real home theater. I have a Denon avr2805 reciever and my old Polk RTA11t speakers. I need to add/replace essentially everything else, especially center and surround speakers. On the Polk website they recommend the CS400i as the center speaker and the f/x500i for the surround speakers, but I also noticed on their site that both of these have been discontinued. It appears to me that the CSi5 is compareable to the CS400i,

    So for the center speaker what is your recommendation?
    How about the surround speakers?

    Any thoughts, ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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    I'd stick with their reccomendations, the tweeters are different in the newer series and won't really match what you have now as well.

    Check out Ebay and see if you can find any on there.

    Realistically, the surrounds aren't as important as the center, and you could get away with newer speakers back there, but the center channel speaker needs to match your fronts as close as possible.

    For a sub, take a look at SVS or HSU, those seem to give you the best for your money...I don't know that SVS can be beat in any price bracket...

    Hope that helps...
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    Thanks for the quick reply and the advice. I will be scouring ebay!

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