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    Default Trouble Shooting Subwoofer Help??

    I realize I am on a Polk site (and I do own polks), this question has to do with an Infinity BU-120 sub. I tried their site - it's not very good.

    Yesterday we used our Onkyo system to play a CD at normal levels. No problems, worked fine. Later in the afternoon with the audio system OFF, the sub started to pop and rapid fire - almost sounding like a machine gun. The only way to stop it is to pull the power plug. I tried it again today with the audio system OFF and the same thing is happening.

    Is this the amp? The circuit board?

    BTW, the sub is about 5 years old and not subjected to abuse (IMHO). This is the second time this happened. The first time it was covered under warranty (and I don't remember what was wrong).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Subwoofer popping

    Sounds like the subwoofer amp to me. I'm actually going through the same problem, but with my Polk PSW650. I originally thought it was my receiver, but it happened with direct input from the dvd player -- and continued even after I disconnected the sub from the dvd player.

    I guess your problem could be from items in the house/apt on the same power line -- washer, dryer, blender etc, but to me it sounds like the amp in the subwoofer.

    Good luck with this problem (to me as well).

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