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    Default RM6200 & PSW303 with Denon AVR1705 setup

    I'm no expert so I want to ensure I've got everything setup properly, and hope someone here can assist.

    I have the following setup:

    Amp - Denon AVR1705 (to replace my Yamaha DSP-A5 which died!)
    Speakers - RM6200 satellites and centre speaker plus the PSW303 sub

    The speakers are connected as per figure G (p11) in the RM6200 manual.

    The PSW303 is connected to the AVR1705 using a 5m custom-made sub cable; plugged into the pre out sub woofer connector on the AVR1705, and the left channel of the Line In (Filtered) on the PSW303.

    I have the AVR1705 speaker configuration set as follows;
    Front - small
    Surround - small
    Centre - small
    Sub woofer - Yes
    Cross-over frequency - 150Hz

    I've adjusted the Low Pass dial on the PSW303 to about 150Hz as well.

    I sounds OK, but I'm sure it sounds different to when I had the Yamaha. That may be because it was connected as per figure F (p10) of the RM6200 manual, or, more likely, it's setup in a different room 9and house). The reason why I'm using a different setup is because I've moved house and the new layout means I can't run loads of cables between the amp, sub and speakers.

    The previous room was a rectangle with the tv in the centre of one wall and speakers arranged around the listening position, as per figure A (p9) of the RM6200 manual. The new room is a square with the tv in one corner, the front speakers either side and next to the tv, the centre sitting on top of the tv, the rear satellites in opposite corners and the sub to the right of the TV (see attached JPG).

    I'm most concerned with the whole cross-over frequency and sub connection setup - I do get bass output from the sub though.

    Apologies for such a long post but I thought more info is better than not much.


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    Phil, welcome. Since you're using a filtered sub output from your 1705, the sub cable should be connected to the unfiltered LFE input on the 303 so that the internal crossover filter on the 303 is bypassed and doesn't interfere with the 1705. Your settings are otherwise in order and the 150Hz setting for the 1705 is probably best since the 6200 speakers fall off quickly below that point.

    As far as the room arrangement, it appears that your front speakers may only be separated about 3' or so. If possible they should be separated about as widely as your sitting distance from them. The 303 might give a bit stronger output if it was closer to a corner, maybe even in the alcove behind the TV if there's enough room.

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    Seperate those mains... my god!!!!!

    The rest looks good, considering your room... /////

    "No, that's silly talk. Dude, you can't possibly be this audio dumb so quit the act." - Doro

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    Guys, many thanks for your welcome and feedback.

    Ahhh, OK. I wasn't sure whether the pre-out sub on the 1705 was filtered or not (the 1705 manual doesn't say!). Thanks for setting me straight, I will change that now!

    I don't have (and am not allowed by "She who must be obeyed"!) the ideal setup, in terms of layout.

    The TV sits on top of a built-in cupboard in the resess between the chimney stack and the bay-window, and only just fits, with enough space for the two front speakers either side. The seperates (amp, dvd player, cd and cable STB sit in the built-in cupboard, under the TV). Not ideal I know, but I've got nowhere else to put them.

    I am looking to get some OmniMount 10 RSTs so that I can widen the front speakers, place the rears up on the wall.

    As you can see from my amended room layout picture, the bay on the right-hand side contains three large sash windows, which take up most of the wall's width. Also, curtains hang at either end of the windows which make it difficult to place the front right speaker on that wall. I suppose I could put it below the window, but then it would be right above the sub.

    Since the 1705 is a 6.1 amp, I was thinking of getting a rear surround speaker, which I could attach to the wall just above, and to the left, of the door, in the corner. What do you think? Do you have any suggestions for a suitable candidate? I suppose it would have to be a bipole or dipole to achieve the maximum surround affect.

    Many thanks for your help,

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