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Thread: Polk CS245i

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    Default Polk CS245i

    I finally got a CSi30 and have my CS245i for sale. It is in good condition with a nick in the left rear top corner. It slid off the top of the tv back into the drywall. It never fell off the TV. I will try to get a photo up tonight. Asking $100.0 shipped in CONUS. Thanks, Jeff

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    Hi there,
    I'll take it!E-mail sent your way.Thanks:D

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    haha, I'm looking to trade my csi30 for a cs245i. I have to do it for space reasons. coulda been an easy trade!

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    i have a cs245i id be willing to trade you for....however it is not in mint condition, i bought it open box so there is some random scuff under the grille (not visible with the grille on) and some little crunch on the corner veneer.....the drivers are mint however and the crunch is in the back lower corner.

    i have a digital camera and can take pics of any part you'd like if you are interested.

    it hasnt seen much use, it is the 6th channel for 6 channel stereo but i hardly use that, the format doesnt sound so nice. you can check out pictures of it here, [url][/url]

    if you want closer pics shoot me a PM or iM me on AOL.
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