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    Post Tweeter matching and upgrades

    After seeing the post regarding tweeters, I have some questions of my own? I have a CS400i center, RTi100 fronts and RT800i rears.
    1. Should I swap out the 2 silk tweeters for the other if they are still avaliable?
    2. Are the newer silk tweeters better than the tri-laminate tweeter?
    3. In the other post there was a disagreement about which line was better the RT or RTi series. Whats the difference, is it the black cones vs. blue cones.
    4. Are the newer silver RTi line much better than the speakers I have currently?
    5. And lastly are the new monitor series any good?


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    1- No, it would be much easier just to pick up a pair of Rt25i, Rt35i, fx300i, or fx500i for surrounds and switch the 800is as your main left right. Just use the Rti100 for a dedicated zone 2 2 channel system or something.

    2- A matter of personal opinion. Some like one better than the other, while others like the other better. For me personally, I liked the newer silk dome tweeters better.

    3- The tweeters were the most obvious difference that actually affected the sound difference between them. The newer generation was very short lived, about 18 months approx.

    4- Again, a matter of personal taste. I feel that they are better, but not much so. Maybe just slightly.

    5- Any Rti series you already have will probably be better than the new monitor series.
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