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Thread: Polk 12" GXR

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    Default Polk 12" GXR

    I just bought a 12" sub from somebody. The sub hasnt benn used that much and he also sold me a amp with it. The amp is a jensen 300 watt x2 but i guess it can be bridged at around 500 watts. does this sound like it will work well? I'm putting this into an Isuzu Pickup w/ a normal cab. so i need a thinner box but i still want it to sound really good... do u have any advice? If so u can e-mail me at or reply on here


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    what kind of sub is it?
    you got the same name as me too its wierd cause every one named kaleb is "caleb"... cool eh? lol
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    GXR = a whoppin 150 watts rms or some garbley stuff like that...

    it was polk's attempt at 'economy' subwoofer design... which means everybody in this forum probably hates the speaker.

    the GNX (black cones with bumps on them) weren't a bad speaker though at about 175 or something rms... not a banger, but it's an allright lil thumper...

    GXR isn't going to hold up to over 200 w i'd say... so dial down the gain on the amp and you ought to be ok...

    happy listening

    ps - baby momo's are on sale at sounddomain !
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