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    Default Objective Speaker Comparisons

    I see the Polk Lsi9 is on the list, however I'm blocked at work from seeing it.

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    Polk Audio LSi9 Loudspeakers: Measurements

    PLEASE NOTE: Our standard is to provide the THD+N measurement at 90dB with a measuring distance of 2 meters (within the anechoic chamber). Since this speaker produced low distortion levels under those conditions, we have added a second measurement performed at 95dB to give an indication of performance under higher-output conditions.

    All loudspeaker measurements are performed independently at the National Research Council of Canada. Please click to learn more about how we test loudspeakers there. All measurement data, including graphical information displayed below, is the property of SoundStage!. Reproduction in any format is not permitted.

    Chart 1 - Frequency Response and Sensitivity

    Microphone measuring position: tweeter axis (no grille)

    Frequency response, 20Hz - 20kHz (measured @ 2m, plotted @ 1m)
    Loudspeaker sensitivity (averaged 300Hz - 3kHz, 2.83V/1m)

    Top curve: on-axis response
    Middle curve: 15 degrees off-axis response
    Bottom curve: 30 degrees off-axis response
    Sensitivity: 87.5dB

    Frequency response, 20Hz - 20kHz (measured @ 2m, plotted @ 1m)

    Top curve: 45 degrees off-axis response
    Middle curve: 60 degrees off-axis response
    Bottom curve: 75 degrees off-axis response

    Chart 2 - Listening Window

    Listening Window, 20Hz - 20kHz (measured @ 2m, plotted @ 1m)

    Response curve is an average of five measurements:
    on-axis, 15 degrees left and right off-axis,
    15 degrees up and down off-axis

    Chart 3 - Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise

    THD+N @ 90dB, 50Hz - 10kHz (measured @ 2m)

    Top curve: frequency response @ 90dB SPL
    Bottom curve: THD+N @ 90dB (50Hz - 10kHz)

    Additional Measurement
    THD+N @ 95dB, 50Hz - 10kHz (measured @ 2m)

    Top curve: frequency response @ 95dB SPL
    Bottom curve: THD+N @ 95dB (50Hz - 10kHz)

    Chart 4 - Impedance Magnitude Variation and Electrical Phase

    Impedance curve

    Vertical axis: impedance
    Horizontal axis: frequency

    Electrical phase

    Vertical axis: phase
    Horizontal axis: frequency

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    Thanks for the link PT. My dad took part in one of the NRC subjective tests back in the day with Dr. Floyd Toole. Apparently they have some of the best testing facilities in the world.

    Here is a link on how they test. Interesting stuff IMO.

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