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    Default Ebay Auction Reference Page

    I've been compiling sporadic Ebay auction results for vintage Polk speakers over the past few months and have put together a page with the results. It's not complete, but provides a good representative sample. I intend to add to it on an ongoing basis.

    However, it's more than simply a list, as I've archived the actual auction pages in PDF format and made them available for viewing (after all, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? :)).

    To protect people's privacy, I have redacted any identifying information about the buyer and the seller in each auction.

    The biggest difficulty I've had is that in many cases, the seller has mis-identified the exact model of Polk speakers, so placing each auction in the correct category is difficult. In many cases, I don't know the exact difference between certain models. If anyone would care to outline the definitive visible differences between the following models, I would be grateful (I'd like to make a "How to tell the models apart" page for the site):
    1. RTA12 vs. RTA12B vs. RTA 12C
    2. Monitor 7 vs. 7A vs. 7B vs. 7C
    3. Monitor 10 vs. 10A vs. 10B vs. 10 Series 2
    4. SDA 2A vs. SDA 2B
    5. SDA 1 vs. SDA 1A (I believe both have horizontally-oriented tweeters)
    6. SDA 1B vs. SDA 1C (both have vertically-oriented tweeters?)

    If this information is in the SDA Compendium, I apologize for asking. My copy is en route and I should have it this week.

    The page isn't meant to be a definitive reference, but rather a way to assist people in determining either what they have or how much the speakers might (and I emphasize *might*) be worth.

    If anyone sees auctions that are clearly in the wrong model category, please let me know. Also, if you have any suggestions as to how to make the page (or the site in general) more useful, feel free to critique.

    Thanks in advance, and here's the URL:

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    Wow, really cool of you to go through the process of doing that...looks good.
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    Nice job. I've been doing something similar for my own use on the SDAs and SRSs, so I'll definately look at yours periodically to see what going prices are.

    Also, as you stated, it's a great reference to see the age and model (a,b,c etc.) differences.
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    Default Alot of work there!!

    Thanks for hosting such a link!

    I'm sure that those in the know will help with any ID needed. It will really help all those searching for that next great deal on their favorite model!

    Very thoughtful, and appreciated!
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    Cool link and thanks for putting that together.

    Definitely a "bookmark for favorites" in my browser.


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    Very cool. Excellent contribution.

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    The SDA information will be covered in the Compendium.

    The Monitor and RTA series are all mixed up to be exact but this is my understanding.
    Basically the first line, RTA & Monitor models had the Peerless(e.g. Mon7/10), begat the SL1000(Mon7A/10A/RTA12/RTA12B), begat the SL2000(e.g. Mon10B/RTA12C), begat the SL2500(e.g. Mon10 SII).

    Keep in mind that I had a pair of RTA12C's which had an SL1000 installed, and matched schematics, not common....these lines vary quite a bit. These lines were built from what was in the bin or shelf at that time. I have seen multiple variations of the same speaker.

    Basically, look for the Peerless. The others should be replaced with the new Polk replacement upon receipt of said speaker.

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    Excellent polksda,

    You went through a hell of a lot of work. I put your link in my favorites. Thanks:-)

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    Default Just a bumpin.... keep this excellant thread handy.

    "I'm sure it's better than it sounds."

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    thought of Wagners music.

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    Excellent. Great job! Goes in my favorites too.
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