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    Default biwiring improves or unimproves timing?

    I was doing an intensive hard core college graduate like research on biwiring. I know the "to biwire or not to biwire" topic is almost as debatable as abortion or affirmative action so I wont ask if its better to or not to biwire. All I want to know is if Biwiring improves time alignment between the tweeter and mid? Or does it do the exact opposite? Thanks in advance!

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    When listening to a non bi wired speaker then switching to a bi wired speaker , I didn't notice any timng differences. This info never crossed my mind.

    When I decided to bi or not to bi , I listened with my ears and found it made a noticable enough difference to spend the extra cash.

    If a speaker is bi wireable , it's your duty to at least try it.

    The question that remains to me without having tried it is

    Does the next level up grade wire(of whatever brand you use) sound better single wired with replacement jumpers then the one grade down bi wired???Cos becomes a huge factor when you start climbing up the level charts of given brands that you find to sound what your loking for.

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    Agree... timing is a non issue.
    More later,
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    I just now bi-wired my LSi7's this week. I haven't had time to notice any differences yet.

    I normally wire my speakers with 12 or
    14 gauge wire(I think I had 14 on the mains before).

    With the bi-wires, I had a choice between 12 gauge and 16 gauge per strand. Since I was powering two speakers with one cable before, I went with the 16 guage wire.

    Should I have gone with the 12 gauge?

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