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    Default Svs

    I had the pleasure to audition mlong's SVS sub today. mlong is a new member and it was a pleasure to do business with and hang with 'em for a bit. This sub was an absolute monster and the most incredible sounding sub I have ever witnessed. Mark had SDA's front and back with my (his now) CSi30 and THAT SVS. It was just an incredible listening experience. Now I know why the SVS's have the reputation they do. Hope that concrete floor stands up to the abuse. Not to mention the structure integrity of his house. Mark, all ya need now is a kickass amp(s), some DVD-A equipement and a little tweaking. I'm in envy! Just wish I had more time to spend feeling the earth shake.

    Just my thoughts.

    suds, suds and more suds!

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    Itís nice to see a non SVS owner appreciate the output quality of these units and now understand why owners are so vocal of the product line.

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    Thanks Greg. Trying to explain to regular folks why I spent $1000.00 on a subwoofer is pretty easy with the SVS demo. I half expected you to duck and cover when Darla was tapping on the aquarium in Finding Nemo. When I was given a demo of the SVS at Doro's, I left his house knowing that no matter how much I loved my system, I wouldn't feel I had completed the Theater part of Home Theater without that sub. I am amazed at how much it adds to everything from DVD's to Digital Cable, to.... oh, yeah, Music!

    Unfortunately, now I have to find a home for my gorgeous Polk 550 subwoofer which I have owned for only 3 weeks.

    It was a pleasure doing business with you also. Next time you come down, I'll have some "REAL" demo's to show you!

    Samsung HDTV (RPTV)
    Pioneer VSX-1014TX (AVR)
    Parasound HCA-1200 II
    Philips DVP642 (DVD)
    Polk SDA-SRS 2.3 (Front)
    Polk Monitor 10B (Side Surround)
    Bang & Olufsen P45 (Rear Surround)
    Polk CSi30 (Center Channel)
    SVS PB12-ISD/2 (Sub)

    Polk SDA II
    Harman/Kardon 3470
    Philips DVP642

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