I own a pair of Polk RTA 11TL’s (front) and a pair of Polk Monitor Series 2 speakers (rear) in my audio system. I also own a JBL SB-5 passive subwoofer and am thinking about incorporating it (the JBL) into the system.

The JBL has 4 -6” drivers inside, has L & R channel hookups, is 4 ohms, and from what I remember, sounds fantastic. The wattage capacity of it is apparently 350 watts. There are two sets of optional “satellite” hookups on it, for which I would hook up the Monitor Series 2 speakers. I understand that the subwoofer crossover point is at 120hz, and I believe the satellites hooked up to it, would also high-pass at 120hz. Info on the sub:


Some might think I already have enough bass with the 11TL’s. But I already own the JBL, and want to try to incorporate it into the sytem for the heck of it.

The amp I am using is a Yamaha M-85 and the preamp is an old NAD 1020b.

According to you audiophiles out there, what are some of the pros and cons to adding the sub?

On another note, one of the SL3000’s tweeters in the 11TL’s is blown I think. Are there any fuses inside that might have blown first? Is there any way of telling for sure the tweeter is shot?