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    Default Crackles only during DVD movies

    I just got my Polk tower SDA signature reference system speakers reloaded with Polk tweeters and they sound better than they have in years. Classical and rock music sound just fine. But when I play DVD movies (The Lord of the Rings movies and Matrix Reloaded) they occasionally crackle.

    1. Will this damage the tweeters?

    2. How can I avoid this unpleasant noise and still enjoy the movies?


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    Lemme guess... No sub and LFE is routed to mains... Did I win?

    Pre-SVS sub acquisition, my SRS's MW's farted a couple times while viewing LOTR-FOTR at near reference levels. I was asking just a bit too much of them. Backed off about 5 dB and no issues...

    Depending on how much power you are supplying, you could be experiencing the same issue, or you could be experiencing clipping... which "crackling" more likely represents.

    In either case, you will damage drivers, if you persist in driving your HT too hard.

    What is powering your HT?
    More later,
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